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"Come see acrobats from far away Warsaw!"

The call came from the area of the gatehouse stage, where three entertainers are juggling. The three are dressed in similar outfits, tights with belt pouches and codpieces for the two males.

The tallest of the three was the one who'd done the calling, a fairly short man with short blond hair, probably in his late twenties or perhaps into his thirties. The two flanking him are probably not over five feet. A casual glance revealing a cute girl with shoulder length blond and a pretty dark haired boy with a ponytail, probably the man's kids.

Actually studying the girl quickly leads to the conclusion that the 'girl' is most definitely mature, a woman, possibly even as old as the man. The boy doesn't have the lines the woman's face has, but a second look does reveal that with the boy is slim, he is quite athletic and not as young as a first glance indicates. While the three have similar faces and builds, the boy has an Asian look to his face.

"The show starts in just a few minutes! Come, have a seat!"
((This takes place after the September 4 session. Chiefly for dagdas_kids, shinobi_scion and ls_npcs, but also open to any characters who wish to participate in the class.))

In the workout area in the sub-basement, Kieran passes out a wooden practice blade to each participant. After taking one for himself, he faces the group.

"Okay. First I'm going to show you some basic techniques, and then I want you to try them. We'll go slow at first, and then speed things up." Pause. "Is everybody ready?"

When everyone has answered in the affirmative, he starts demonstrating the first of the techniques. "This is one of the basics." He explains the technique as he goes through it, then continues, "Now let's see you guys try it."

At the Scion house

OOC: This takes place after the Aug 21st tabletop session

Kyle lounges on the couch. As the credits roll for the show on the tv, Kyle asks, "Hey Mickey, have you ever heard of anyone named 'Dick' in Sailor Moon?"
(OOC: this post is intended for tgm_npcs.)

As Kaylee approaches her parent's home, the little. girl from the house next door runs out of thatt front door to her. The girl isn't quite school age and is obviously agitated.

"Kaylee! Kaylee! You hafta come help mommy! Please!" The dark hair girl grabs one of Kaylee's hands and starts tuging her toward her house. "Please help!"

A new year and a new name

Following a very generous donation from the Chambers family, Hickman College will henceforth be known as John Chambers University.

Programs have been expanded, new student housing has been added, and the campus has been given a facelift.

The new Hickman School of Business Management now stands on the site of the old Hickman Hall (damaged beyond repair in the fall of 2009).


Poker game

((This takes place before this and the July 17 game session. Open to any character in the game who wants to join in.))

Carrying a six-pack of Guinness and a bag of chips, Kieran whistles "Twa Corbies" as he walks up the steps of Kyle's house.

Tucking the chips under an arm for a moment, he rings the bell.

On a DC metro subway train

OOC:This enty takes place after Gavin talks to Kyle about Enech

"Kyle! Kyle! Over here!" The young woman half rose from her seat, waiving Kyle over.

"Sit with me," the fit young woman says, gesturing at the empty seat next to her.

Cleaning the House of Heroes

"Hildee, could you do me a favor?" asks Ginnny. Ginny is dressed in old clothes, has a dirty smudge on her face and is holding a dirty sock-turned-rag.

"I want to clean behind the refrigerator and I can't get it to budge. Could you try moving for me?"
Kyle looks around at the small group gathered near him. "Okay, before we decide where we're going first, do we have everyone now?"